Since January 1, 2010, MTÜ Assisi Franciscus Selts has belonged to the list of non-profit organisations that provide their patrons with income tax deductions for their contributions.  This means that both individual taxpayers and corporations can take advantage of these tax deductions resulting from their charitable contributions to our society.

You can support our animals’ everyday needs by contributing to our general fund bank account:

IBAN: EE10 2200 2210 3155 6784

Our animals’ everyday needs include food, medication (also emergency, urgent care aid) and spaying/neutering, to ensure proper control of the pet population.

The initial 14-day period that an animal is in our shelter is funded by our local government.  After this initial period, the shelter is considered the owner of these animals. The desperately needed food and medical support for these animals is financed by generous and kind individuals who donate to our shelter. Those who contribute may specify the purpose of their donation upon contribution.

Since Christmas 2015 we have opened a new bank account for emergency and urgent care aid. To this one you can support surgeries of injuried animals (for example injuries by car accidents), where prompt action is essential:

EE52 2200 2210 6329 8890

The shelter’s development and building activity can be supported through our building fund bank account:

IBAN: EE72 2200 2210 3954 4976

Funds received would be used mainly to improve the living conditions of our animals. Previously, donated funds to this bank account have been used to renovate doghouses and purchase a new building for kittens (that had sadly burned down). Now we are concentrating our efforts on improving the insulation of another one of our buildings, so that we can properly segregate our feline residents from our canine residents. This separation would greatly improve operational logistics along with the psychological wellbeing of our residents (the sound of barking dogs can create extra stress for our cats). The construction of private outdoor kennels for our dogs is also one of our goals for the future (we already have a preliminary design for it).

All of these accounts belong to the NGO who's running the shelter, so the beneficiary should be MTÜ Assisi Franciscuse Selts.


The shelter would appreciate receiving any of the following items donated specifically for our animals:

  • Dry food for cats and dogs
  • Canned food for cats and dogs
  • Cat litter
  • 5-litre zinc buckets to use as dog water stations in our kennels
  • Toys suitable for animals (tennis balls, training toys, rope toys, cat trees and scratchers)
  • Collars and leashes (the best are made of strong canvas), chain carabiners and twiddles
  • Bedding and insulation (cotton, flannel and woolen blankets)
  • Hard, plastic, disinfectable, dog beds
  • Clean, used bed linens: sheets, blanket covers (used to cover the top of the cages) and pillowcases
  • Bath towels, kitchen towels and hand towels to dry our animals
  • Transport boxes and dog kennels in different sizes (also used as private living rooms for our cats)
Please note! We ask that you not bring: feather pillows, cotton pillows, spring mattresses, or foam mattresses. These items could be dangerous for the shelter’s animals!

To keep our animals healthy we use a lot of cleaning supplies on an everyday basis. Only nonstop cleaning and scrubbing keeps disease from spreading through the shelter:

  • Cleaning chemicals (Domestos, other disinfecting products and general cleaning products, such as Ajax, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, etc.)
  • Cleaning tools: mops, rags, buckets and dust pans

In the winter months, we tend to have deficiencies in two main areas:

  1. Dry straw for doghouses (preferably in small packages). Straw keeps the doghouses warm and dry.
  2. Firewood to keep our buildings (cat rooms and puppy room) warm over the winter. In one winter we will use approximately 100 m² of firewood (and of course it requires money to purchase this wood). If someone has excess firewood or knows where to get it cheaply, we and our animals would greatly appreciate this information!


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