Dog walking

Dog walking times:

Tuesday-Friday 12:00-18:00 (dogs must be back in the shelter no later than 18:00)

Saturday 12:00-16:00 (dogs must be back in the shelter no later than 16:00)

Note: In winter when the sun sets early, dogs must be back in the shelter by sundown!

your first walk:

  • Be sure to read the general rules on the shelter’s website in advance
  • Before you become a dog walker, you must complete a training that introduces specific facts about our shelter dogs.
    Trainings take place on Thursdays at 12:00 - pre-registration is required as the number of places is limited,and they have proven to be incredibly popular. It is best to call the shelter during visiting hours to register
  • For the first time, plan to spend an hour.

subsequent walks:

  • When you arrive at the shelter, you should call the general number - 15400, so that a shelter worker can let you in.
  • Tell the shelter staffwhich dog you want to walk or ask for advice regarding which dog needs walking the most at the moment.
  • Put your name, phone number and the name of the dog you are going to walk in the dog walker booklet on the countertop. This is necessary so that if someone wants to see the dog while you’re walking for the purpose of adoption, it will be possible to contact you.
  • After walking, mark the walk in the list of dogson the corridor wall to keep track of who has been walked and for how long.
  • When you go for a walk, put on clothes that are suitable for the task and the weather. In other words, comfortable shoes (not studded heels) and clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty or perhaps damaging. Follow the weather forecast - if it's cold, you shouldn't come in a crop top, and vice versa, if it's hot, you shouldn't come in a thick jacket. When it rains, raincoats and rubber boots are appropriate.
  • If you come to walk dogs, bring strong leather or work gloves -they will protect you from hand injuries (i.e. if the dog pulls on the leash, or in case you fall)
  • Do not use strong-smelling perfume- animals' sense of smell is thousands of times sharper than that of humans. What is pleasing to humans can be irritating to animals.
  • Do not wear large, shiny or sparkling jewelry- some animals may want to play with them or vice versa - this will cause the animal to attack you.
  • When working with animals, the use of electronic means of communicationis prohibited - this activity distracts your attention from the animal and may create dangerous situations.
  • When going for a walk with dogs, ask the escort for a "poo bag" - you have to clean up after the dog during the walk,as all proper dog walkers should. This way you and others after you will not accidentally step into a pile.
  • You can take treats for the animals, but please always show the treats to the shelter workers in advance. Not all animals may be able to have treats.



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